Drink, Drank. . . Not Drunk?

My friend and her friend both celebrated their twenty-first and twenty-second birthdays, respectively. So, of course, we all went out to ‘party’. At the first bar I had one mixed drink and one shot. At the second place I had two mixed drinks. Then I ate some bread-sticks from the gas station.. The second-to-last place I had a jello shot and a mixed drink. Lastly, at our last stop I had two vodka-cranberries.

Unfortunately, I was. . . completely fucking sober. I felt the slight touch of a buzz, but it was mainly overpowered by the fact that I did not want to be out and my stomach, abdomen area was absolutely killing me.

My ‘friends’ went to a pizza place next door, so I stayed with my roommate and his friend at the club. All was, okay. And then I was stuck between my roommate and his friend. Grinding, dancing. It was fine, I knew them both. Although I was uncomfortable; I was trying to ‘get out of my shell’ and have fun. Then I saw a man acknowledge our dancing and perhaps another as well. I tried, repeatedly, to tell my roommate ‘no!’. But, he didn’t listen. I panicked and I left. A woman tried to see if I was alright, but I was having none of that. I grabbed my sweater and I left to walk home.

You, as a person, can drink and try to ‘have fun’ but if it isn’t who you are then you are shit outta luck. Perhaps, now, I will just stay inside.


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