My Rabbit Hole pt.2

Sally, Peggy and Joseph

I did pretty well over the summer.

I didn’t really go outside much, but that was kinda my thing. One activity I fell back in love with was volleyball. My uncle’s team at a local bar was short one or two people one night so I decided to join in. I played on that team for the last month or so before school started up again. Towards the start of school I also reacquainted myself with my friend Sally from the previous year and brought her to volleyball with me.

I was having fun, and feeling as much as I could.

Sweet things never last.

The weekend before school started was the welcome back, orientation party and games. Sally and I were playing that bag toss game when we came across Joseph. He was handsome, in that way in which he knows that he looks good. And he had every right because he was built. But, God, did he have a mouth on him. Talking, joking, cursing and more talking.

He would turn out to be more than I thought he was in some instances and way less than I thought he could be in others.

At this point, I was still kind of trying to stay away from Steve. I wasn’t being active about it, but I also didn’t make a point of trying to find him during the fun and games because first and foremost; I had no idea what to say. He was and is a great friend, and we didn’t leave off on the greatest of notes. When I thought of him and that whole situation, I felt something akin to shame at my actions and hurt that neither of us had reached out over the summer. I mean, like with any cute boy and less than cute girl in a friendship, I had feelings for Steve.

Soon after school had begun, I began to see a somewhat strange girl around campus. She was strange because she had a service dog… with no apparent service for the dog to help out with. But damn, was she awesome. She ended up being a rock and pillar of my life. Peggy was the shit, but she had her own issues too.

The year really started off great. Maybe even amazing. But as I said before; sweet things never last.

My rabbit hole became filled with drinking, bonfires and ill-fated not-so-there relationships. Not that I would take it back for anything, but I wasn’t my best me then. Sadly enough, I wasn’t my worst me then either.




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