Dear men…boys…people

symbols-male-female-joint-diagonal.jpgOkay. So I know, as most do, that you can’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz. But my God. Whenever there is something where a female-identifying person speaks up all that you hear is how it is affecting those who identify as male??

“I get scared when strange men come at me, and I can’t tell what their intentions are.”

“Oh! WOW. Not every guy is a rapist?!? This isn’t fair! I shouldn’t have to read this!!”

See what I mean?

I am so sorry that I state my views on how life is for me as a woman and they offend you?.. I guess? Of course when your little ego is bruised or something happens to you then ALL women are “whores” or “prudes” etc…

As women, we are stuck in a “damned if ya do, and a damned if ya don’t” situation. But all that society cares about is men’s delicate sensitivities. I usually don’t get into these kinds of talks or issues, but I am getting so fed up with all of this bullshit.

I am, as a woman, forced to be silent or to confine myself to the societies ideals of a female.

A man can say and do almost anything to me and unless I know specific answers to specific questions then I am not reliable and my word is moot, while all he has to say is that he didn’t do it.

So why is that? Why can I be so wrong about my body? People want to shame me, judge me or accuse me of one thing or another.

  1. You should be sexy so men are attracted to you.
  2. You should be virginal so that men want to marry you.
  3. You should be physically fit to be attractive.
  4. You shouldn’t worry so much about your body; its shallow.
  5. You should go all the way through a pregnancy and have that baby because it is a life.
  6. You are sponging off the government because you couldn’t close your legs.
  7. You can always put the child up for adoption. There are so many families that want children.
  8. You should know how to do all the womanly things in the house and such to be a good wife.
  9. Why don’t you know how to do all the manly things. You should be independent.

Why? Why are these actual things?

Now, I am not saying that men don’t have some downsides to their lives, but why does everyone think that females sticking up for themselves and their bodies seem to TAKE something away from males? Why do they think that us begging for equality really means world domination by females? I don’t understand, and it makes me sad.

It makes me sad because we, as people, as humans, have worked so very hard to reach this point in our society. We like to think that we have come so far when, in truth, we have so very, very far to go. I am sad because I am a woman and I should be proud. I am made to do great things. My body forms life and puts it into this world. My brain functions better than a super computer. There will ever only be one of me. Stars and galaxies grew and died to bring me into existence.

I am sad because, as great as I am, I may only be remembered by this world in relation to how useful and submissive  I was to men. My importance is beyond measure, and that is the same for every person; every woman. But maybe the world isn’t ready to come to the same conclusion as me.


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